Improv for Beginners (With Performance) with Jeremy Zeller

May 21, from 10:00am to 4:00pm (Workshop)
May 28, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm (Performance)
Experience the power of play, and the fun of improvisational comedy, in a fun and safe environment with Conejo Players Theatre's improv courses -- taught by Conejo Improv Players director Jeremy Zeller. This workshop is a complete training program, providing students with a strong foundation in improvisation that promotes creativity and personal growth. Jeremy has toured the country as part of Clean Up Comedy, a local comedy troupe specializing in clean improv and sketch comedy. You will learn how improv can help you on stage (and off!); come out of your shell; think on your feet; and be more creative. Workshop includes one-day training course and 1-hour improv show. Sign up today!
+ This workshop is for ages 15 and up
+ no fee

Lighting Design Workshop with Jack Allaway

May 28, from 10am to 12 noon
The focus of this seminar will be on the basic aspects theatrical lighting -- such as color, direction, level, and cueing.
+ This workshop is for ages 15 and up.
+ No fee

Dance Auditions: Putting Your Best Foot Forward!
In partnership with Cabrillo Music Theatre
Featuring Heather Castillo, Choreographer for Cabrillo's The Little Mermaid
May 25, 5-7 pm
Learn how to navigate dance auditions and present the best version of yourself. Understand how teaching and learning styles translate between choreographer and dancer. Begin the process of removing self-judgement and comparison so you can be open to hearing the information the choreographer is conveying. Gain knowledge about technique and genre versatility; prepare your body to be the tool you desire and respect your instrument. This is for all levels of dancers and movers! Heather will approach learning movement from multiple technique levels. This session aims to demystify the dance audition process and help the performer with knowledge and confidence.
+15 years old and up.
+ No Fee