2019 Virtual Harlequin Awards Streamcast

Harlequin Awards

Every year, rather than making presentations for "Best Play, "Best Director," etc., Conejo Players Theatre recognizes contributions made by those who donate their efforts. At each year's Harlequin Awards Banquet, directors, designers, running crew, staff, actors, and other volunteers get a chance to applaud their own -- people who rehearsed for countless hours; toiled behind the scenes, in the tech booth, or building sets; selling tickets; and doing all the other tasks that come together in the performances seen by our audiences. 

Additionally, over the decades, we have developed and created other awards to recognize special individuals for the contributions they have made to the Conejo Players. Following, is a list of all those who were recognized and honored for the selfless efforts they made in 2019.


Stephanie H
Dona P
Randy P
Lisa Y


Candace G


Julia K
Ainsley S


Shawn M
Rick  S
Lee M
Max H
Bob J
Carina C
John H
Dick J
Alex C


Mark G
Jim D
Gary S
Shelley S
Jim H


41 Years - John H
39 Years - Rick S
38 Years - Dick J
36 Years - Sharon C, Mike McC
33 Years - Lucien J
31 Years - Jack A, Donna H
25 Years - Ken E
24 Years - Erin F
22 Years - Arryck A-L, Tami K, Zach S
21 Years - Jim D, Devery H
20 Years - Shawn A-L, Eva N, Jerry N
19 Years - Mark G
18 Years - Mike M, Celeste R
15 Years - Deidre P, Aaron V
14 Years - Gary C, John E
13 Years - Beth E, Jim H, James L
12 Years - Jim B, Jere M, Shawn M
11 Years - Sarah E, Priscilla L, Courtney P
10 Years - Don Johnson, Eve K, Elena M, Dona P, Gary S
9 Years - Bennie G, Shelley S, Lisa Y
8 Years - Miriam D-K, Stacy M, Ken P
7 Years - John G, Karen G-H, Jeremy Z
6 Years - John B, Candace G, Amie W
5 Years - Jennifer B C,  Alex C, Renee D R, Hailey S, Quang Z
4 Years - Megan B, Julie H, Tim H, Max H, Reign L, Rita McC, Randy P, Noah T
3 Years - Abel A, Betty F, Stephanie H, Erin S
2 Years - Jillian G, Heather G, Kelly G, Olivia H, Bob J, Brandon L, Chris M, Josh M, Robin R, Dominick R, Manuel S, Mark S, Lauren W
1 Year - Dale A, Carla A, Frank B, Christopher C, Carina C, Theo C, Dana D, Morgen D, Tom E, David F, Kristen G, Whitney G, Olivia H, Kyle J, Lauri K, Mona K, Elisabeth K, Jason K, Julia K, Aaron K, Michael K, Susie L, Sahai L, Allie L, Larry L, Cindy L, Lee M, Alexandra M, Jessica M, Sizwe M, Nolan M, Loretta M, Rita N, Katelyn N, Dani O, Melina O, Miranda O, Johnny P, Scott Q, Abigail R, Nic R, Jonathan R, Luke S, Kevin S, Ainsley S, Daniel S, Scott S, James C S, Bill S, John Michael T, Neirin W