Almost, Maine Auditions

by John Cariani
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service

Director Beth Eslick
Producer Elena Mills

Stage Manager Mark Suarez
Set Designer Rick Steinberg
Light Designers Jack Allaway and Jim Diderrich
Sound Designer Jeremy Zeller
Costume Designers Betty Fuhrmann and Madison Treadwell
Prop Designer John Eslick

Audition Dates & Times: 

June 28th and 29th  at CPT by appointment only
June 30th on Zoom by appointment only
Callbacks July 1st (by invitation only)

Audition Location: 

Auditions are by appointment only and will be at the Conejo Players Theatre, with one day on Zoom. Use the button above to sign up for an audition appointment. The auditioners will sign in on arrival no more than 15 minutes prior to their appointment time and immediately be seated in the theatre.  Each auditioner will be required to wear a mask until they are called onto stage, where they may remove the mask, as long as they are maintaining 6 feet of distance.  Auditioners must leave when their audition time slot has ended. The Conejo Players is an all-volunteer organization, there is no pay. 

Performance Dates: 

Sept. 17 - 26, 2021
Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m.

Audition Requirements: 

The audition will be cold reading from the script.

Plot Summary: 

This story unfolds through a series of nine vignettes, all of which take place on a magical midwinter night, with the Northern Lights dancing through the sky.  The citizens of Almost, Maine discover the life-altering power of the human heart. Strangers become friends, friends become lovers, and lovers turn into strangers. It’s a play about discovery, the exploring of connections and relationships, and what brings us together as people.

For More Information: 

If you have any questions, please contact the producer Elena Mills at

Character Breakdown: 

Each actor will play multiple parts.

(Actor should be able to play a male, 20-45): will play multiple characters including Pete, an inexpressive, nice guy; Lendall, a simple guy with a romantic edge; Phil, a hardworking man having marital issues; Man, a small, thin, everyday guy; East, a gentle repairman; Jimmy, a heating and cooling man, depressed and trying to get over his ex-girlfriend; Chad, a rough ‘country guy’; Randy, a rough ‘country guy’; Dave, a timid guy who tries to be tough, but is really tender; and Steve, a kind, open guy who is very sheltered.

(Actor should be able to play a female, 20-45): will play multiple characters including Ginette, young and in love; Waitress, a busy body, yet caring; Glory, a hiker with a tough facade, yet has a broken heart; Gayle, an angry woman who is impatient because she feels like her boyfriend is not moving fast enough; Hope, an independent and confident woman; Sandrine, an excited girl who is about to get married; Marvalyn, a woman who puts up a hard front to protect herself from getting hurt; Marci, a hardworking woman having marital issues; and Rhonda, a tough tomboy who has never been in a relationship.

The people of Almost, Maine are not simpletons. They are not hicks or rednecks. They are not quaint, quirky eccentrics. They don’t wear funny clothes or funny hats. They don’t have funny Maine accents. They are not ‘Down Easters’. They are not fishermen or lobstermen. They don’t wear galoshes and rain hats. They don’t say, “Ayuh.”

The people of Almost, Maine are ordinary people. They work hard for a living. They are extremely dignified. They are honest and true. They are not cynical. They are not sarcastic. They are not glib. But this does not mean that they are dumb. They’re very smart. They just take time to wonder about things. They speak simply, honestly, truly, and from the heart.