Audition Notice: Candide

Music by Leonard Bernstein

Book adapted from Voltaire by Hugh Wheeler
A New Version by John Caird
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
Additional Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, John LaTouche, Lillian Hellman, Dorothy Parker, and Leonard Bernstein

Candide (1999 Version) is produced by special arrangement with Music Theater International (MTI)

Director: Dick Johnson
Producer: Mike Mills

Music Director: David Watkins
Choreographer: Lauren Rachel
Assistant Director: Elena Mills

Audition Dates & Times: 

Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday; January 14 through 16, 2018 at 7:00 PM.

Audition Location: 

Conejo Players Theatre
351 South Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361-1008

Performance Dates: 

March 23 through April 15, 2018
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at 8:00pm / Sunday at 2:00pm
Special Saturday matinee performance on March 24
No performance on Easter Sunday, April 1

Audition Requirements: 

Auditioners should be ready to sing a prepared song. An accompanist will be provided; please bring sheet music in your key. Wear comfortable clothes for a dancing and movement audition. Be prepared to read from the script as provided.


  • Monday through Wednesday, 7:00-10:00pm, January 22 through February 7
  • Monday through Friday, 7:00-10:00pm, February 12 through March 22
  • All-day tech rehearsal for cast & crew on Sunday, March 18, starting at 10:00am
Plot Summary: 

Based on Voltaire’s classic story with music by Leonard Bernstein, Candide is a fast-moving musical that travels through “the best of all possible worlds” with intrigue and seduction from Germany to Spain. Pirates and raging seas; gold, jewels, and debauchery; love and passion lost; trial by inquisition; escape to the new world; abundant riches found; return to Paris and Venice ... and love reunited. In other words: an adventure of music, dance, and laughter where frivolity flirts with danger at every turn! (The 1999 Royal National Theater Version; rated PG.)

For More Information: 

Please contact Mike Mills, producer, at 805-380-6465 or

Character Breakdown: 

VOLTAIRE -- Age 30-60 (High Baritone); a man of extraordinary intelligence and wit. The writer and narrator of this story. He also plays the part of PANGLOSS, an irrepressibly optimistic philosopher.
CANDIDE -- Age 18-30 (Tenor); a sweet-natured, kind and brave young philosopher.

CUNEGONDE -- Age 18-30 (Coloratura Soprano); a pretty, sexy, knowing, devious, vain young woman.
MAXIMILIAN -- Age 18-30 (Baritone); Cunegonde’s brother, an appalling and inveterate snob.
PAQUETTE -- Age18-30 (Soprano); Cunegonde’s chambermaid ... a young woman of easy virtue.
THE OLD WOMAN -- Age 50-70 (Mezzo Soprano); the illegitimate daughter of a Pope and a Princess and the subsequent victim of an extraordinary sequence of dramatic misfortunes … a glorious mixture of wit, stoicism and cynicism.
CACAMBO -- Age 25-45 (Tenor); Candide’s faithful, canny and utterly devoted servant.
MARTIN -- Age 40-70 (Baritone); the philosophical antidote to Pangloss ... a hopeless pessimist.
THE GOVERNOR -- Age 30-50 (Tenor); a smooth romantic seducer.
VANDERDENDUR -- Age 30-50 (Tenor); a vicious but plausible slave-trader ... the very archetype of careless colonial oppression.
THE GRAND INQUISITOR -- Age 30-50 (Tenor); a corrupt Cardinal.

(TWO) INQUISITORS -- Ages 30-50 (High Baritone); the Grand Inquisitor’s fellow judges in Portugal.
KING OF ELDORADO -- Age 30-50 (High Baritone); a kind philosopher who rules benignly over his Utopian kingdom.
QUEEN OF ELDORADO -- Age 30-50 (Mezzo Soprano); a sweet-natured but strong consort to her husband.

KING STANISLAUS of Poland -- Age 50-70 (Baritone)

TZAR IVAN of all the Russias -- Age 50-70 (Bass Baritone)

CHARLES EDWARD STEWART, rightful King of England -- Age 50-70 (Tenor)
GRAND SULTAN ACHMET III of Turkey -- Age 50-70 (Tenor)

KING HERMANN AUGUSTUS of Poland and Saxony -- Age 50-70 (Baritone)
KING THEODORE of Corsica -- Age 50-70 (Tenor)
The Six Kings at the Canal near San Salvatore

BARON OF THUNDER-DEN-TRONCK -- Age 50-70 (Spoken part)
BARONESS OF THUNDER-DEN-TRONCK -- Age 40-60 (Spoken part)
CORPORAL -- Age 20-30 (Spoken part)

CAPTAIN -- Age 30-50 (Spoken part)
DRILL SERGEANT -- Age 30-50 (Spoken Part)

DUTCH MINISTER -- Age 30-50 (Spoken Part)
JAMES, THE ANABAPTIST -- Age 40-60 (Spoken Part)
DON ISSACAR -- Age 40-60 (Spoken Part)
PORTUGESE SAILOR -- Age 20-40 (Spoken Part)
SURINAM SLAVE -- Age 20-30 (Spoken Part)
TUNISIAN CAPTAIN -- Age 20-50 (Spoken Part)