Audition Notice: The Diary of Anne Frank

Produced by Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service 
By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman
Directed by Rachael Weinberg Pugh
Produced by Patrick Rogers

The Diary of Anne Frank Show Page

Audition Dates & Times: 

Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday; July 6th through July 8th, 2014 at 7 PM

Audition Location: 

Conejo Players Theatre
351 South Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361-1008

Performance Dates: 
Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays 8:00 pm and Sundays at 2:00pm
One possible school show mid run, mid week.
Audition Requirements: 

Please be prepared to read from the script. Audition sides will be provided. Please bring a list of any possible rehearsal conflicts. Any conflicts must be discussed and approved with Director before casting decisions are made. No performance conflicts will be accepted. Auditions are open call. There is NO PAY.

Plot Summary: 

The Diary of Anne Frank is the dramatic true story of eight peoples' time in hiding in Amsterdam during World War II as told thru the eyes and words of the eloquent and buoyant, Anne.  The play begins the morning the Franks go into hiding and it chronicles the next two years' events in the tiny annex.  Through the journey taken by these people, we experience hope and despair and everything in between.  It is a story of humanity, the best of it, and the worst.  

For More Information: 

For any questions please contact the Producer, Patrick Rogers at or call (805) 795-3266

Character Breakdown: 
ANNE FRANK: (13-15) Anne is extraordinary in her hope, passion, and belief in the good in the world.  At the start of the show she is innocent, precocious and does not hesitate to speak her mid.  As she matures thru her time in hiding she becomes introspective, compassionate and ultimately, eager and hopeful for a more accepting future for everyone.  She does not feel close to her mother, but idolizes her father.  She is compelled to write, documenting every moment and feeling experienced in the annex.
OTTO FRANK: (50-55) Anne's father, very much the patriarch of the Annex.  He leads with love and strength in all he does.  Unlike young Anne, Otto is even tempered and strives for peace in every situation.  At 53 years old, he has the resilience of a younger man but the experience to recognize the reality of the world around him.  
EDITH FRANK: (40-45) Anne's mother.  She is reserved and soft-spoken.  Constantly worried about her family and their fate.  Closer with her older daughter, Margot, she longs for a deeper connection with Anne.  Although quiet, she has a bit of Anne's fortitude and when pushed, will make her mind known.
MARGOT FRANK : (16-18)  Anne's older sister.  Quiet like her mother.  More mature and intellectual than her sister.  Margot feels alone and unsure of her place in the annex.  She is reserved and respectful of others.  Very close with her mother and although they are opposites, she loves and admires her little sister.  She longs for a deeper connections to others, but does not know how to achieve them.
MR. VAN DAAN: (40-50) The head of the Van Daans.  Struggling to find his place as second in command.  He is intelligent and pragmatic if a bit harsh.  He wishes to make his wife happy but on his terms.  Wants to teach his son to be more out going and to toughen him up during their time in the annex.  Is grateful to Otto for welcoming his family into the Annex without question.
MRS. VAN DAAN (40-50) Not ready to give up her lifestyle.  She tries to view the annex as simply a new locale, rather than a necessity for survival.  She can be a flirt and Anne even goes so far as to call her frivolous.  She clings to her fur coast like one clings to their very identity.  She hides her fear of the unknown by worrying about trite things such as Anne and Peter's growing friendship of which she is jealous.
PETER VAN DAAN (16-18) The Van Daans' only son.  At the beginning he is annoyed with Anne, but later confesses to admiring her spirit.  They become good friends during their time in hiding.  He is trying to find his place, not only in the annex, but in himself.  Not sure of who he will become of if he will be given the chance to find out.  He has a good heart and is protective of those he loves.
MIEP GIES (30-35) A kind, Dutch secretary from the office of Otto Frank.  She helps hide the Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel.  Miep is their connection to the outside world as she keeps them informed and stocked with food, books, and the occasional treat.  She is kind and worried but determined to protect them.  It is Miep who would find Anne's diary and save it until after the war, delivering it to Otto upon his return.
MR. KRALER (40-45) Otto Frank's business partner.  He helps to hide the members of the annex.  Like Miep, he never questions his obligations to the Franks and to doing what is right/  A dignified man, at a loss for the world around him.
MR. DUSSEL (50-55) A fussy dentist.  He is the only one in the annex without family, having left behind his live in girlfriend who is Christian.  More than anyone in the annex, he puts himself first at every turn.  He has little patience for his roommate, Anne, and is skeptical of their future.
Nazi Officer and Two Dutch Collaborators (male, any age) Although these three men do not come in until the end of the show, they are exceedingly important roles.  The men who play these parts will be given a very flexible rehearsal schedule, but time will be spent on character development and scene breakdowns.