Audition Notice: Hairspray

Music by Mark Shaiman, Lyrics by Scott Wittman and Shaiman and a book by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan
Produced with special arrangement by Music Theater International (MTI)
Audition Dates & Times: 

Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday; January 15-17, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

Audition Location: 

Conejo Players Theatre
351 S. Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Performance Dates: 

Friday, March 17 – Saturday, April 15 (show runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM and Sunday Matinees at 2PM) 
Saturday matinees on April 1 and 8
Rehearsals: From Wednesday, Jan. 18 – Thursday, March 16
Audition Requirements: 

Bring sheet music in your key or a tape, wear dance attire, and be prepared to read sides from the script.  An accompanist will be provided.

Plot Summary: 

It’s 1962 in Baltimore, Maryland, and quirky, plus-sized, teenage Tracy Turnblad has one dream: to dance on The Corny Collins Show. When she gets put in detention with the African-American students in the school, they teach her some of their dance moves, and her new found groove wins her a spot on Corny’s show. Overnight, Tracy transforms from a nobody into a star, and uses her newfound influence to advocate for racial integration on the television show. Tracy faces scrutiny and bullying from the network producer, Velma, and her popular, but vicious, daughter, Amber. With the help of the teenage heartthrob Link, host Corny Collins, and Motormouth Maybelle (the host of ‘Negro Day’), Tracy overcomes the odds and succeeds in her mission to integrate The Corny Collins Show. Tony Award-winning Hairspray continues to be one of the most widely produced musicals today, not only because of its wit and charm, but also because of the beautiful message of acceptance and progress that it portrays. The bright, energetic story of Tracy Turnblad teaches us all to look past the color of one’s skin and fight for every human being’s equal rights.
For More Information: 

Contact Producers Devery Holmes (818-439-1420) or James Laguna (




Character Breakdown: 
Tracy Turnblad: (Age 16-25) (vocals mezzo with a bet) Outgoing, unstoppable, goodhearted with a vibrant, lovable, spirited personality. Loves to dance. A “pleasantly plump” teenager who dreams of fame and fights to racially integrate The Corny Collins Show. Must Dance and move.
Edna Turnblad: (Age 35-55) (second tenor/baritone or female contralto) Tracy's kind, plus-sized mother – typically played by a male. Edna runs a laundry business out of her home. A working class, devoted, loving housewife with dreams of her own. Sincere, not campy. Good mover.
Amber Von Tussle: (Age 16-25) (female soprano) Bratty, selfish resident princess of The Corny Collins Show, despite her lack of talent. She is willing to do anything to win the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant. Must Dance and sing.
Velma Von Tussle: (age 30-45) (mezzo belt) A former beauty queen, Amber’s mother, and producer of the local TV teen dance show. Upscale, attractive, prejudiced snob who always wants her daughter in the spotlight. Funny, biting, manipulative.
Penny Pingleton: (age 16-25) (female mezzo, belt) Tracy's slightly dorky, devoted, neurotic and perky best friend. Good Mover. 
Link Larkin: (age 15-25) (male second tenor/baritone) A teenage heartthrob and one of The Corny Collins Show Council Members who falls in love with Tracy. Must Dance
Motormouth Maybelle: (age 35-55) (female alto) The owner of a downtown record shop and a host on The Corny Collins Show; self-described as "big, blonde and beautiful.” Seaweed and Little Inez’s mother. Powerful and inspiring, with an infectious, brassy personality. Aretha Franklin type. Good Mover.
Seaweed J. Stubbs: (age 16-25) (male tenor) A hip dancer. His dance lessons help Tracy get chosen for the local TV teen dance show. Cool, attractive, street smart, goodhearted. Son of Motormouth Maybelle who becomes Penny’s boyfriend. African American. Must Dance.
Wilbur Turnblad: (age 35-55) (male baritone) Tracy’s goofy father; owns the Har-De-Har Hut joke shop and is still madly in love with his wife, Edna. He encourages Tracy to follow her dreams. A working class inventor with a sweet, childlike personality. Adores his family. Good Mover.
Corny Collins: (age 25-40) (male tenor) Host of the local TV teen dance show. Handsome, charming, engaging, smooth. 
Little Inez: (age 14-18) (high mezzo belt) Seaweed's younger sister, who tries to audition for The Corny Collins Show but is turned away because she is black. Spunky, tough, streetwise, outgoing, older than her years. African American. Must Dance
Female Authority Figure: (age 30-55) The Matron guarding The Big Dollhouse, the Gym Teacher, and Prudy Pingleton: Penny's overprotective and often close-minded mother. May be played by one or several actresses. 
Male Authority Figure: (age 30-55) One actor plays various zany roles including a nervous businessman; a condescending high school principal; a flamboyant fashion boutique owner; a cop; and a corrupt prison guard. May be played by one or several actors. (Think "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.")
Mr. Pinky: (male baritone) Owner of Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway (dress shop).
The Dynamites: 3 sassy singer/dancers, inspired by the Supremes. 
The Corny Collins Dancers: IQ, Shelly, Brenda, Sketch, Fender, Tammy, Lou Ann, Brad. Must Sing, be Caucasian and dance.
Motormouth Maybelle Dancers: to play high school students and citizens of Baltimore, all races, all types. Must Sing and dance.
Kids of Baltimore: (Ages 8-14) Energetic kids to be in several song and dance numbers. minimum 2 years of dance required, gymnastics a plus.