Audition Notice: A Streetcar Named Desire

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service
Directed by Lucien Coniglio Jervis
Produced by Mike Moffat

Audition Dates & Times: 

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday; March 17th through March 19th, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Audition Location: 

Conejo Players Theatre
351 South Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361-1008

Performance Dates: 

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
May 10th through June 1st, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Sunday Matinees at 2:00 PM
No conflicts accepted for Performance Dates or the week before Openi

Audition Requirements: 

All those auditioning are encouraged to provide an 8x10 photo and a resume of their onstage experience when registering for auditions.  These photos will become the property of the Conejo Players Theatre. Please bring a list of all potential conflicts including travel, etc.  Any conflicts with the posted schedule must be discussed with the Producer and agreed to by the Director before casting can be confirmed. Auditions will consist of a one (1) minute, pre-prepared monologue of your choice [nothing from the script, please], and cold readings. No appointment necessary. Open Call Auditions. There is NO PAY.

Plot Summary: 

When Blanch BuBois arrives at her sister Stella’s French Quarter apartment, her intent is simple: to take some time off from her stressful teaching career and break the news about the unfortunate loss of the beloved family plantation.  Blanche is a fading Southern belle whose pretentions to virtue only thinly mask her alcoholism and delusions of gradeur.  During the course of her visit, Blanche’s thinly-veiled veneer is suddenly cracked by Stella’s husband, Stanley Kowalski. Stanley is a true force of nature: primal, rough-hewn, brutish, and sensual. Their collision course threatens to take down everyone in its path in a clash of lies, propriety, madness and primal instinct.  

For More Information: 

Email your questions to:

Character Breakdown: 
Stanley Kowalski:
Age Range: 30-38. Body Type/Look: Joe Manganiello. Must be muscular, well-built, and at least 6’ 0”. NOT looking for an imitation Marlon Brando. Stanley is shrewd and manipulative, always “working an angle.” He isn’t as “sure” of himself as he projects. Blanche represents a “reminder” of what Stella gave up to be with him, and thus a threat to his life as he knows it.
Stella Kowalski:
Age Range: 28-35. Body Type/Look: Katherine Heigl. Blonde, voluptuous, vivacious, sensual, and at least 5’ 8”. Stella fell for Stanley because she liked the “passion” in their relationship – it made her feel “alive.” That’s actually something she and Blanche have in common when it comes to men, but it’s not something they’d ever admit to each other. Stella is happy to see Blanche but also views her visit as an invasion. Blanche represents “the past” from which Stella has moved on and to which she has no interest in returning. 
Mitch (Harold) Mitchell:
Age Range: 35-42. Body Type/Look: David Boreanaz. Big, muscular and a bit thick; at least 6’ 1”. Frustrated at still being single, Mitch wants someone who’s “genteel and a lady,” so he can “marry up.” He thinks he’s found that in Blanche. Quiet, brooding type and a bit shy. Not as “smooth” as he’d like to be with the ladies. There’s an undercurrent of wistfulness and desperation about him that becomes explosive when he feels he’s been cheated out of his “last chance.”
Blanche DuBois:
Age Range: 33-38. Body Type/Look: Stana Katic (Detective Beckett on “Castle” TV show). Slender, dark, and with fragile features, at least 5’ 7”. Where Stella is vivacious, Blanche is careful and reserved. When Blanche arrives at the Kowalskis she’s tired but she hasn’t given up, not just yet, but you can “smell the desperation.”  Her beauty from times past has to shine through in the beginning and slowly, as the play progresses, we see the “light of life” fade.
Eunice Hubbell:
Age Range: 35-40. Body Type/Look: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (Elaine on Seinfeld). A bit crass and rough around the edges. She’s a good friend to Stella and finds Blanche’s “I’m better than you” airs annoying and insulting.
Steve Hubbell:
Age Range: 40-45. Body Type/Look: Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld).  Same demeanor as his wife – on the crass side and very earthy. Loves his wife in a possessive, grabby kind of way but is still fascinated by the “lady” who comes into their midst. Given the opportunity, he’d grab Blanche in an instant for a little “footsy.”
African-American Woman or Other Woman of Color: Age Range: 55-70. Has a “seen it all” look about her. Stage presence expanded upon original script role.
Mexican Woman & Street Person #3: Age Range: 60+. A flower vendor. Stage presence expanded upon original script role.
Pablo Gonzalez: Age Range: 30-38. Friend of Stanley’s. Small, in-shape but wiry.
Sailor, Street Person #2 and Young Collector: Age Range: 16-19. Teenager, a bit innocent for his age and tall and gawky. Stage presence expanded upon original script role.
Nurse and Street Person #1: Age Range: 50-60. Officious and business-like in manner. Tone is “no nonsense.” Stage presence expanded upon original script role.
Doctor and Street Person #4: Age Range: 50-65. World-weary and all too familiar with those who’ve “checked out” mentally. Senses Blanche’s fragility and tries to make the best of a bad situation. Stage presence expanded upon original script role.