Audition Notice: You Can’t Take It with You

A Comedy by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman

Director: Alan Waserman
Producer: Beth Eslick

Audition Dates & Times: 

November 10, 11, 12 (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday) - 7pm

Audition Location: 

Conejo Players Theatre, 351 S. Moorpark Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Performance Dates: 

January 10th - February 1st, 2020

Audition Requirements: 

There will only be readings from the script. Please note that this is a Non-equity production. The rehearsal schedule is TBD, but a preliminary one will be posted at auditions. In general, most rehearsals are weekday evenings beginning at 7pm. Please be prepared to provide any conflicts you may have. No conflicts will be accepted after January 1, or during any performance dates.

Audition Materials

Plot Summary: 

The story centers around a young woman from an eccentric, financially meager family who meets a young man from a rich, conservative family. They fall in love … awkward situations ensue!

Character Breakdown: 

MARTIN VANDERHOF: (65-80) Known simply as Grandpa. He is clearly the patriarch of this clan. Thirty-five years ago, this eccentric, insightful and peaceful man walked away from a successful business career. He lives his life by the philosophy: “Don't do anything that you're not going to enjoy doing.” He has imparted this ideology of personal happiness not only to his family, but also to numerous others who have been fortunate enough to have met him.

PENELOPE SYCAMORE: (45-55) Grandpa’s daughter. “Penny” is a loving mother, wife… and is completely her father’s daughter! She spends most of her time joyfully writing plays and painting. Her family is paramount - she urges them on to live their dreams.

PAUL SYCAMORE: (45-60) Penny’s husband. Paul apparently gave up a planned career as an architect to buy into Grandpa’s way of life. His major activities include making fireworks and building mechanical (mechano) models. Paul spends much of his time with his experiments in the basement.

MR. DE PINNA: (45-70) The iceman who came inside to speak to Mr. Sycamore five years ago, and never left. He helps Paul build fireworks. He also moonlights as a model for Penny’s paintings. (Any ethnicity)

ESSIE CARMICHAEL: (25-39) Daughter of Penny and Paul Sycamore and Alice’s older sister. Extremely happy and childlike, Essie dreams of being a ballerina. She has spent 8 years studying with Boris Kolenkhov, who teaches her extremely difficult and radical Russian dances. She also makes candy that her husband Ed sells.

ED CARMICHAEL: (25-39) Loving husband of Essie and the son-in-law of Paul and Penny. He is a xylophone player and distributes Essie's candies. He’s also an amateur printer who prints anything that sounds good to him; dinner menus for his family and little quotes that he places in the boxes of Essie's candy.  He also likes to make masks.  (Any ethnicity)

RHEBA: (20-35) The maid and cook to the Sycamore family. She thoroughly enjoys her job and its inhabitants … and it shows! Often acts as though this family is her very own. She is dating Donald.  (This role is traditionally played by an African American.)

DONALD: (25-40) Rheba’s boyfriend. He also serves as a volunteer handyman for the Sycamores. In the words of Penny Sycamore, "The two of them are really cute together, something like Porgy and Bess."  (This role is traditionally played by an African American.)

ALICE SYCAMORE: (20-30) Paul and Penny’s daughter and Essie’s younger sister.  She is the only "conforming" member of her family.  She works in an office on Wall Street and has no unusual hobbies. Nonetheless, she has an undying love for, and is devoted to her outlandish family … even though she is somewhat embarrassed by their lifestyles. Alice is in love with Tony Kirby but is afraid that her family will drive Tony and his upper-class parents away.

TONY KIRBY: (22-32) Alice’s fiancé and Anthony and Miriam Kirby’s son. Fresh out of college, he has been given the title “Vice-President” of his Father’s company. He finds the Sycamores delightful, in contrast to his uninspired family, although, like Alice, he is basically a normal person.  Very likable, and absolutely in love with Alice.

ANTHONY W. KIRBY: (55-70) Tony’s Father. A very proper man who is the president of Kirby and Co., but secretly despises his job. His hobby is raising expensive orchids. He is at first appalled by the antics of the Sycamores but comes to appreciate their “seize the day” attitude.

MIRIAM KIRBY: (50-65) Mr. Kirby’s wife, Tony mother. She is an extremely prim and proper woman who becomes horrified by the goings-on in the Sycamore household. Her hobby is spiritualism. A female role that shows a great deal of emotion. (Any ethnicity)

BORIS KOLENKHOV: (40-55) Essie’s ballet instructor and a Russian who escaped to America shortly before the Russian Revolution. He is very concerned with world politics, and the deterioration of Russia. He feels that Essie lacks talent but seeing that she enjoys dancing so much, he keeps working with her. He is opinionated and often loudly declares that something "stinks"!  This actor will need to support Essie physically.  (A Russian accent is desired.)

WILBUR H. HENDERSON: (40-65)  After being initially mistaken for Alice’s new beau, it is revealed that he is an employee of the IRS. He’s come to collect the tax money owed by Grandpa and can't understand why he won't pay it. (Any ethnicity)

THE GRAND DUCHESS OLGA KATRINA: (45-60) She, along with her sister, were once Grand Duchesses of Russia. Since then she has been forced to flee to America where she has found work as a waitress in Childs Restaurant. The rest of her family has had a similar fate - such as her Uncle Sergei, the Grand Duke, who is now an elevator man. Most importantly, Olga should still exhume passion and a love of life. She also loves to cook as a hobby … especially Blintzes! (A Russian accent is desired.)

GAY WELLINGTON: (40-55) An actress whom Mrs. Sycamore meets on a bus and invites home to read one of her plays. Being an alcoholic, she gets sloshed and passes out shortly after arriving at the Sycamore home.  Whoever plays this character should be willing to be put in hilarious and sometimes graceless positions. (Any ethnicity)

Three G-Men “The Man”, “Jim” and “Mac”: (35-65) Three agents who come to investigate Ed because of the communist things he prints up, such as "God is the State – the State is God". (Any ethnicity)