CPT Parking Lot Sale & Craft Fair - This December!


On Saturday, December 8, 2018, from 7:00am to 1:00pm, Conejo Players Theatre is holding a PARKING LOT SALE and CRAFT FAIR ...

... and YOU can be a part of the fun!

Spaces may be purchased for $25 -– the size will be the area of three (3) CPT parking lot spaces. These funds will be donated to the theatre. Participants may bring anything they wish to sell, with the exception of alcohol, weapons, fireworks, or illegal substances.

Participants shall bring their own tables, tent, chairs to sit on –- whatever they wish to have in their space for their own comfort. No power will be available to vendors.

Participants may keep their own earnings, or they may choose to donate the money to the theatre. They will receive a tax-deduction letter in return if they donate their earnings. At the end of the sale, we will hopefully have a Salvation Army or Goodwill truck at the theatre so that participants may give them all leftover items.

To register, click here!