CPT presents Saturday Afternoon Live!

Playwriting Course:

Discovering Your Characters
by Mark Suarez
Saturday, January 30
2:00 pm on Zoom

Mark Suarez received his B.A. in Dramatic Arts from U.C. Davis. After graduating, he founded his own production company: Seditious Apostate Theatre Co., LLC. His work primarily takes the format of small cast productions, solo pieces, and private performances. Past productions include No Need for Words, The Imp & the Troll, and Made in America.

Objective: This is an introductory course to playwrighting. The goal is to discover and develop approaches to building characters and the relationships between them. Some things to consider are: Who are they? What do they want? What do they want from each other?
1-2 Page scene. 2 characters: In the span of this course, we will work individually to come up with characters and write brief interactions between them. Then, we will work in groups to perform what we have written. During introductions consider who you want to be in your scene.
Tools: A script from a play you have performed or seen (If you have it). A notebook. A pen.


Thank you to Arts Council of the Conejo Valley for sponsoring these workshops.