Making it Home - A holiday musical

Director: Annie Block-Weiss
Musical Director: Chris Stivers
Producers: Beth Eslick

Audition Dates & Times: 

Video submissions will be accepted Oct. 4 – 17

Audition Location: 

Auditions will be through video submission only. Click below to submit. 


Performance Dates: 

December 10-12, 2021
Friday and Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 2pm

Audition Requirements: 

Auditioners should be at least 12 years old, and anyone under 18 will need parental consent to participate. Anyone who is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is welcome and encouraged to audition! All those auditioning are encouraged to provide a résumé of their onstage experience when submitting their audition video. Please submit a list of all potential conflicts including travel, work, etc. for any days from November 6 to December 3. No conflicts will be accepted after December 4 or during any performance dates. Non-union, NO PAY. You will be required to show your proof of vaccination if you are cast. Video submissions will be accepted Oct. 4 – 17.
Please start your audition by slating. This should include your name, what you believe your vocal range is, age and the titles of both your songs. Please sing sections of two contrasting songs--around 16 bars each--that show off your voice.
Note: You may audition with a holiday song, but please keep in mind that the songs for the show have already been chosen.

Plot Summary: 

During the holidays, there is one common thread, making it home! Whether that be traveling a long distance to get home or making your home, wherever you are, feel like a home. “Making It Home” will take us on the journey of two siblings who are returning home for the holidays. One who is coming home for the first time in many years, and one who never left. Through their journey, we will experience all the intricacies of the holidays from holiday travel and shopping to family traditions, but in the end, we will be reminded of the true importance of the holidays, loving one another and making wherever we spend our holidays feel like home.

For More Information: 

Producer Beth Eslick,

Character Breakdown: 

Christine - 20-30 years old Has not been home for the holidays for a few years and when home last did not end on good terms with her Dad. The show is narrated by her and her brother, Doug, as she journeys home.

Doug - 20-30 years old Never left his hometown, and is doing his best to get his sister, Christine to come home for the first time in many years for the holidays. The show is narrated by him and his sister, as his sister journeys home.

Mom - 40-60 years old Mom to Doug and Christine, and wife to Dad. Loves to bake and desperately wants both her kids home for the holidays.

Dad - 40-60 years old Dad to Doug and Christine, and husband to Mom. Had a falling out with Christine many years ago that he wished never happened.

Holly - 20-30 years old Long time friend and roommate of Christine & April.

April - 20-30 years old Long time friend and roommate of Christine & Holly.

Young Christine - older teen
Young April - older teen
Young Holly - older teen

Ensemble - any To play holiday travelers, holiday mall shoppers and family pets