A Midsummer Camp's Dream

Producers/Directors:  Elena Mills, Beth Eslick
Music Composer/Director:  Michael Kronenberg


Performance Dates: 

July 24 at 7pm via Zoom. 

Plot Summary: 

Deep in the Catskill mountains, Camps Bluster and Hill-a-Wee are set into chaos as Theseus arrives to announce that he's bought the land and must close one of the camps to make way for his new wife's mansion and horse farm. His son Demetrius and fellow camper Lysander must now lead the boys in a winner-take-all talent show against the girls, led by Hermia and Helena, to determine which camp must be demolished at sunrise by Bottom and his comic crew of workers. All the while, King Oberon is vexed by his queen and sets his trusty aide, Puck, to scatter magic, confusion, and a good dose of laughs across the forest.


For More Information: 

Contact Beth at bethglasner@icloud.com 

Character Breakdown: 

THESEUS (Male, teen) – rich man, father of Demetrius. A good business man, who is in love
with his fiancé Hippolyta, and wants to please her. He also loves his son Demetrius and wants
him to be happy. Starting as a selfish man, in the end he becomes a caring and kind person.
HIPPOLYTA (Female, teen) – Theseus’ fiancé. Selfish, cold-minded and full of herself. She
wants to live a life of luxury and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. 
PHILOSTRATE (Male, kid) – Theseus’ butler. He loves his job, very loyal to Theseus. Always
ready for his duties.  
EGEUS (Male, teen) – Boy’s Camp Counselor. He loves the camp and cares for the kids.
Egeus adores his daughter Hermia, and will do everything to make her happy. 
PATRICIA (Female, teen/kid) – Girl’s Camp’s Counselor. Sweet, nice and kind lady. She loves
her job and cares for kids. Will collaborate with Egeus trying to save both camps. (Small
LYSANDER (Male, teen) – Boy camper. Camp boxing champ. Very strong and confident. He
is in love with Hermia and very jealous of her relationship with Demetrius. Lysander becomes a
victim of misapplied magic and falls in love with Helena. 
DEMETRIUS (Male, teen) – Boy camper, son of Theseus. He is initially in love with Hermia
and ultimately in love with Helena.
HERMIA (Female, teen) – Girl camper, Egeus’ daughter. She is a very strong character, and
will try to save Girl’s camp by performing and winning at the Talent Show. She is in love with
Lysander and a friend of Helena. Has to be a strong actress and a good singer. 
HELENA (Female, teen) – Girl camper. She is in love with Demetrius, and tries to win his
attention. She is not confident about herself, and thinks that boys are mocking her, when the
fairies’ mischief causes them to fall in love with her.
BOTTOM (Male or Female, teen) – Head of Tradesmen. He is full of himself, very confident,
but frequently makes silly mistakes. Has to be a strong actor with good comic timing.
QUINCE, FLUTE, SNOUT, SNUG, STARVELING (Male/Female, kids)  - Tradesmen. Funny,
silly, sometimes very naïve people. They are not fond of their leader Bottom, but follow his
instructions and directions.
OBERON (Male, teen/kid) – king of the fairies. Starting as a selfish person, who stopped caring
for his wife. He becomes a loving and kind husband at the end. 
TITANIA (Female, teen/kid) – queen of the fairies. Beautiful and loving fairy, she is very sad
that her husband doesn’t want to pay attention to her. The magic love spell will make her fall in
love with the donkey-headed Bottom. Strong actress who needs to be very sincere and kind.
PUCK ( Male, teen/kid) – Oberon’s assistant.  Oberon’s servant, he doesn’t want to obey his
master, and makes a lot of mistakes, making chaos and disorder. When he tries to undo his
mistakes, he causes even greater chaos. Has to be a strong actor with good comic timing.  
PEASEBLOSSOM (Female, kid) – Fairy. She is a Titania’s helper, nice and kind. She will sing
her magic song, and everyone who can hear it will fall asleep.
STAGE MANAGER (Male/Female, teen) – Strong actor with good diction and clear
pronunciation. Will read aloud all stage directions during the show.