Book by Timothy Allen McDonald
Music and Lyrics by Timothy Allen McDonald, David Weinstein, Jonathan K. Waller and Stephen Gabriel
Based on the book Flat Stanley created by Jeff Brown
Illustrated by Scott Nash
THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF FLAT STANLEY was originally produced by Work Light Productions under license agreement granted by The Trust U/W/O Jeff Brown, Marc Ginsberg Trustee.  Flat Stanley books are published by HarperCollins Children's Books

THE MUSICAL ADVENTURES OF FLAT STANLEY ONLINE ED is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).  All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Audition Dates & Times: 

Sunday August 16 11am - 1pm
Monday August 17 3:30pm - 6pm

Audition Location: 

Auditions via Zoom. 

Performance Dates: 

November 6 at 7pm
November 7 at 7pm
November 8 at 2pm

Audition Requirements: 

You will be asked to read from the show, and to sing part of a song of your choice, no longer than 32 bars in length. You will need to provide your own accompaniment (recorded or live).

Please fill out the form completely. Note that all performers must be between the ages of 8-20, inclusive, by November 8, 2020.

Auditions will be held on Zoom, Sunday, August 16 from 1pm-3:30pm, and Monday, August 17 from 3:30pm - 6pm, in 15 minute time slots. Callbacks, if necessary, will be held Tuesday, August 18 from 3:30pm - 6pm. The producer will email you your appointment time after you complete this form.

Audition Form

Audition Reading:

Arthur So a couple of weeks have passed and Stanley's still flat. One day, we were waiting for the bus and the cool kids were like
Cool Kid Whoa, Stanley and lil' kid bro Stanley, it's like totally windy
Arthur And me and Stanley were like "yeah it's windy..." And the cool kids were like
Cool Kid Yo lil' kid bro Stanley, I got an idea. Totally fly.
Arthur So they held Stanley down, tied a string to his shirt, then one of the cool kids ran while holding the string, and Stanley started flying! Like a kite!
Cool Kid Check it out! He's like way up there!
Arthur But then things took a tragic turn. They let go of Stanley's string and got on the bus!
Cool Kid Yo, lil kid bro Stanley, you comin?
Arthur I looked up at Stanley and I looked at the bus. Stanley. Bus. Bus. Stanley. (a beat) We're talking about the cool kids here! (a beat) I got on the bus. I know Stanley's dead. Or at least seriously injured. Or stuck in the power lines. (getting zapped) Dzt... Dzzzt... Dzzzzzzzzzzt! (a beat) Yeah, Stanley's probably dead. And I'm definitely grounded.

Plot Summary: 

The Lambchop family is having a slumber party, and the kids are wishing on a star. You'll never guess what happens next! It's a wonderful adventure with Stanley and his friends. Watch for all the surprises! 

For More Information: 

Email the Producers Beth Eslick or Elena Mills

Character Breakdown: 

Mrs. Cartero: friendly, helpful postwoman
Mr. Lambchop: great dad, family man
Mrs. Lambchop: lovely, caring mother
Arthur: Stanley's younger brother, tag-along who wants to be accepted by the "big kids"
Stanley: Young boy, always open to adventure
Caleb: Stanley's close friend
Jackson: Stanley's close friend
Jacob: Stanley's friend (might be doubled)
Cousin Sophie: Stanley's cousin, who has a huge personality
Bulletin Board: very persuasive character
Doctor Dan: very pompous man (might be doubled)
Nurse Betty: nice, caring person (might be doubled)
King Cool: the "cool kids" who think they're the best
Cool Chuck: the "cool kids” who think they're the best
Cool Callie: the "cool kids” who think they're the best
Napoleon: talking painting (might be doubled)
Mona Lisa: talking painting (might be doubled)
0. Jay D'art: French artist (might be doubled)
Sneak Thief: person who tries to steal the painting (might be doubled)
Gendarme: French policeman (might be doubled)