Adapted from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum

Book by William F. Brown; Additional Material by Tina Tippit;
Music and Lyrics by Charlie Smalls
Produced by Special Arrangement with The Susan Gurman Agency
October 1st through 9th, 2011
Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM
Friday, October 7th at 7:00 PM
TICKET PRICE:                             $10.00
TO ORDER TICKETS:                   Call the Box Office, 805/495-3715
Theatre for Young Audiences! Dorothy's adventures in the Land of Oz are set to a dazzling, lively mixture of rock, gospel and soul music. Everybody knows the story, but this re-invented fantasy is dazzling, mysterious, and opulent. Join Dorothy and her friends as they “Ease On Down the Road” to... The Wiz! This fabulous cast was picked from over 100 auditioners. The cast ranges from age 5 to adult and is having a blast with such fun musical numbers and dances. This show has brought talent from Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Oak Park, Moorpark, Northridge and Agoura Hills!
AJ Morales: Scarecrow; Alexis Valdez: Road and Monkey; Allison Shulman: Road and Monkey; Amelie Sandoval: Munchkin; Anthony Valdez: Head Monkey, Munchkin; Arielle Jacobellis: Lion; Ashlee Ford: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie; Baylee Fogelmanis: Munchkin and Winkie; Brooke Begg: Munchkin and Winkie; Camden Coburn: Munchkin and Winkie; Clarissa Barr: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie; Colby Jackson: Munchkin, Kalida, and Monkey Mover; Connor Green: Munchkin, Kalida, Winkie; Corey Fogelmanis: Road and Winkie Soloist; Deidre Parmenter: Addaperle; Dominic Land: Munchkin and Winkie; Don Johnson: Gatekeeper and Monkey Mover; Elizabeth Smith: Munchkin and Winkie; Erin Ticktin: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie; Francine Miller: Toto, Munchkin; Griffen Hamilton: Munchkin and Winkie; Griffin Giboney: Munchkin and Winkie; Hailey Smith: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie; Harrison Anderson: Tin Man; Jake Fagundes: Munchkin and Monkey; Joey Van Noppen: Messenger and Ozian; Julie Greiner: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie; Kai Brady: Munchkin, Ozian, Winkie; Katelyn Norman: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie, Monkey; Kuba Chyla: Lord Underling, Knee Munchkin; Kyle Green: Munchkin, Ozian, Winkie; Lissa Grafton: Evilene; Maggie Anderson: Munchkin, Ozian, Winkie; Marin Valerio: Munchkin and Winkie; Mark Fagundes: Uncle Henry and Wizard; Maxwell Kilpatrick: Road and Monkey; McKenna Tedrick: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie; Olivia Winck: Munchkin, Ozian, Winkie, Crow; Rebecca Jansen: Munchkin, Ozian, Winkie; Sammy Kilpatrick: Munchkin; Sara Srinivasan: Aunt Em, Glenda; Shaun Kiefer: Munchkin, Kalida, Monkey Mover; Spencer Pletcher: Munchkin, Kalida, Monkey Mover; Summir Wilson: Tornado, Crow, Ozian, Winkie; Viktoria Paje: Toto, Munchkin; Yael Karoly: Dorothy; Zoe Fagundes: Munchkin, Ozian, Winkie.
Directed by Erin Fagundes; Produced by Jennifer Kilpatrick and Christy Miller.